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ah oh my god! i finaly got this thing figured out!!!! its taken me like 4 hours just to get the layout figured out. which i mean i barely even have that haha. anyways as you can tell i DO NOT code like at all. which means ive just been copying and pasting from and using trial and error XD but here we are!

if you would like to contact me messaging me through my space.hey account will be the quickest! thank you

my introduction

i guess i should maybeee introduce myself, right? i don't know i always feel like these things are always so awkward haha. regardless of that i thought it was still important! My name is rose and I'm currently a student! Some of my favorite things in the world are my cat [i’ll insert a image if i figure out to), guitar hero (although i have a guitar i don't play it often because im very unmotivated haha…you'll be seeing that alot], and finally money [ someone please help me i'm working 40 hour weeks start june 14th] as you may have read up above i've been struggling to make my page operable [i still don't know if it is] so hopefully i can actually learn the basics and make my page complete. Thanks for reading! and best regards

~rose [why did some of the text get all weird???]

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my @: dilaab [im on that website kinda often haha]

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6.5.2024 17:30

so today was a pretty busy day for me. second to last day of school for me, making final projects due TODAY. while i didn't have too many of them it was still a bit stressful wrapping everything up. not only that i had to fill up my gas AND tires after school.

Putting gas in my car went over just fine but my tires….lets just say i don't exactly know what i'm doing. (i've only had my license for a few months, give me a break). So basically what happened-and yes this is a rant-i filled up all three of my tires and got in my car. But i saw that the tire warning light was still on. When i checked the psi you would not believe what i saw THIRTEEN PSI. HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN. Mind you my psi is supposed to be at THIRTY. After i called my dad and he PULLED UP to the gas station he told me i wasn't holding the valve up right and then somehow,,,after what he told me what to do,,,it worked without ANYYYYYY issues. Like c,mon, couldn't have worked earlier?

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