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6.17.2024 14:04

hey! soooo im back!!! I mean its only been like eight days since i last posted, but because i barely have any profile views i doubt theres anyone really reading this haha. BUT ANYWAYS i recently-well i guess not super recently- ive been reading heaven officials blessing!!!! ahhhh its so good i cant believe i took such a long break from reading it. for context i started reading volume one in august, finished it and then started volume two. but haha like two thirds of the way through i gave up reading///FOR A YEAR. i cant believe myself, i knew i had hyperfixations because of my adhd but still that seems kinda excessive. well what ever at least i picked it back up. I think i read and finished the third volume in about 4 days, which i mean looking at my fanfiction track record thats not really that surprising (i read a 400k in 3 days). although i finished the book so fast the only book store in my city for some reason had every other volume EXCEPT 4. so i had to buy it online lol, making me wait three-five BUSINESS days to get my book hurt my soul. I guess ill just be waiting for now

6.9.2024 22:45

after coming home from the camping trip today (ill make a post about it tomorrow) i decided i wanted some change in my life. so i decided to change my phone layout lol. As of recently ive been liking the color pink a lot! ill post the layout below! (btw all the photos are all up on my pinterest dilaab )

6.7.2024 22:05

i've been considering upgrading to a new laptop lately. while the one i currently have isn't terrible—well, actually, scratch that, it's pretty bad. It's practically on its deathbed. BUT the laptop i've been wanting is a 8th gen thinkpad x390. i've heard a lot of good reviews taking into account it has an i7 processor, 16gb of ram and around 250gb of storage. and the price of one i found on ebay actually wasn't too bad! anyways enough nerdy stuff. Im going on a camping trip with my friends start tomorrow! Im excited, dont get me wrong, but uhhhhhh the friend group im in a has been really arguementitive and unstable. i finaly packed up all my stuff so wish me luck!

6.5.2024 17:30

so today was a pretty busy day for me. second to last day of school for me, making final projects due TODAY. while i didn't have too many of them it was still a bit stressful wrapping everything up. not only that i had to fill up my gas AND tires after school. Putting gas in my car went over just fine but my tires….lets just say i don't exactly know what i'm doing. (i've only had my license for a few months, give me a break). So basically what happened-and yes this is a rant-i filled up all three of my tires and got in my car. But i saw that the tire warning light was still on. When i checked the psi you would not believe what i saw THIRTEEN PSI. HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN. Mind you my psi is supposed to be at THIRTY. After i called my dad and he PULLED UP to the gas station he told me i wasn't holding the valve up right and then somehow,,,after what he told me what to do,,,it worked without ANYYYYYY issues. Like c,mon, couldn't have worked earlier?

Also lol i forgot to mention the video on the right ! if you dont know its an edit of this older show called h2o just add water.(my favorite was rikki) I know there are a fair amount of people that have watched the show but i swear the fandom is DEAD. (pls someone help me revive it) I got the edit on my fyp today and i just can't stop thinking about it. Of course i love the show, but i can help feeling a sort of melancholy nostalgia

6.3.2024 12:00

today i ended up skiping school haha... BUT ITS OK, schools almost done anyways. because i skipped school i decided to make my space hey account!

for right now the css/html im using is a template, but im thinking about programming my own maybe later tonight. but becuase of my space hey account i can actually massage people now! im super excited but it did remind me of something. a while back around 2020 there was a website that was essentially just spcae hey. but a few months in it shut down. i ended up checking the guys (the person who ran it was french canadian) socails, but it was radio silents. STILL TO THIS DAY! :C the reason why im so upset about this is because on my online bestest of best friends was on there. we both never ended up giving each other different socials becuase we thought it would be more fun messaging over the website. but because of that i havent been able to talk to her since! i still think about it :[

6.2.2024 22:04

soooooo today i wpoke up around 9am and went back to working on my website right away lol [the hyperfixation goes hard] but i had a eight hour shift starting at 1pm :C so i had to say goodbye to my computer ;-; while i was dreading work it actually wasnt that bad! i got to water a lot of flowers and enjoy the sunlight!! somehow the clock struck the time for me to leave so i zoomed out of there. although i dont hate working i still dont enjoy it as much as my bed haha. i forgot to mention that i actually work with one of my really close friends =, and today we ended up talking about the camping trip we're going on together with some other friends, which is THIS weekend. i swear we are so bad at planning things. while im excited to go camping i just KNOW that theres going to be some kind of stupid arguement thats going to develope from the close proximity...

6.1.2024 10:45

i think i finaly figured this out! there are a few errors in my code (the x's) and i dont really know how to fix them..but they dont seem to be making anything a mess! Yay! i thnk ill still tweak this page a lot but for now it looks fine. im thinking about adding my guest book back in so maybe you'll be seeing it! [nevermind i litteraly just found out that they're shutting down the guestbook services :C if anyone else knows another website ten please let me know!]